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Since there is the paintball sport is reported in various media about it. After there were only a few reports in various sports magazines at the beginning, which merely served as a supplement or side note, more and more professional reports, even stand-alone magazines and newspapers, came on the market.

The most well-known Paintballhefte of the past years were in the German-speaking area the Gotcha - Paintball Action and the Paintball7. Both formats dealt purely with the paintball sport and always delivered the latest news and information about the scene. Both magazines have unfortunately been discontinued in the meantime. Since then, the paintball community has waited painstakingly for a new paintball magazine.

In 2010 came with the scenario magazine another issue on the market that was aimed purely at the Woodland players. Unfortunately, this issue was also gone after only a few issues due to poor planning and an immature editor.

The Gotcha - Paintball Action was the paintball issue badly.

Many people remember the Gotcha, and most of them will have read it before. From 1996 to 2012, the Gotcha was with up to 6 issues per year the Paintball magazine bad in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
Unfortunately, editorial staff and editors weakened a bit towards the end, which led to the magazine's slow but unstoppable decline. Appearance dates were not kept, the content was noticeably worse, and in the end even whole issues remained unpublished. The readers gradually lost interest in the magazine. The subscribers who had subscribed to a paintball booklet like the Gotcha were also upset. All this made sure that the Gotcha was set in the end. Since then, no new issues have been published.

The Paintball7, a glossy paintball magazine

The second big issue in the German area was the Paintball7. It was very professional and almost had the character of a glossy sports magazine. Each issue was packed with the latest information on teams, technology, league news and current events. All this made the Paintball7 particularly popular with readers from the DPL league scene, as they could always find the latest scores in the magazine.
Especially popular with the paintballers were the reports about the well-known traditional teams of the scene that were found in every issue. So even beginners could get a good insight into the scene with the help of the booklet and found their way quickly.
Unfortunately, the Paintball7 was discontinued due to legal disputes, which had the result of the magazine. The editorial office was closed and another big paintball issue disappeared from the market.

Where can I still buy a current paintball magazine today?

Unfortunately, the search is still difficult. There are a few paintball magazines like the Facefull or the PaintballX3, which the reader can purchase as an online booklet and read at home on his computer. However, our experience shows that customers also like to hold a printed booklet in their hands, that they can carry with them and read in their free time. Of course, almost everyone today has a laptop or tablet PC, but who takes it to the paintball or the like? - Right, almost nobody ...
First point of contact for paintball notebooks and magazines should definitely be your local dealer or paintball shop. Any well-stocked dealer will be able to sell you the current issue of the Paintball magazine, if there is one currently. Just ask on-site at your dealer of trust or on the pitch for the latest edition of your favorite paintball magazine.
Also, the kiosk at the train station or airport is always a good place to buy new issues. Due to the large number of visitors and the international clientele, the magazine stands at the train station or the nearest airport usually have very special ranges and therefore usually offer significantly more choice than the normal magazine trade does.

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