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What do I have to consider when buying batteries and rechargeable batteries for my equipment?

Choosing the right batteries and batteries is very important in paintball sports. Many players use for their paintball markers and hoppers batteries that can not generate sufficient voltage. It is important that batteries and rechargeable batteries with a high milliampere number (mAh) are used. It should be 2000-2500 mAh for 1.5 Volt batteries and 500-1200 mAh for 9V batteries to provide your paintball marker with reliable and constant energy. For this reason, you will only receive branded batteries and rechargeable batteries from reputable manufacturers such as Energy Paintball , Duracell and Varta .

Battery or battery, what is better and why?

We recommend our customers to use normal alkaline batteries as a rule. This has the simple reason that they release their voltage over a long period of time and thus always provide the marker with constant energy. Imagine the power curve of a normal alkaline battery, it is very constant and then suddenly drops down when the battery voltage is used up.

For a battery , the course of the power curve is a completely different one. Batteries lose their voltage much faster and have a power curve that falls sharply after a short time. Although the batteries give off the power over a longer period of time, but the main voltage is already dropped after a short time so far that they can no longer provide the Paintballmakierer with sufficient energy.

What battery voltage does my equipment really need?

Basically you have to start with the production of the equipment. The paintball markers and hoppers are developed in the USA and manufactured for the local market. A 9 volt block in the US has effectively 9.6 volt voltage, our comparable, German 9 volt blocks have really only 9 volts voltage, or in some cases even a little less. Therefore, you should never buy cheap paintball batteries as you get eg in the supermarket at the cash register, because these are usually of inferior quality and do not provide sufficient voltage.

Paintball markers are operated almost exclusively with 9 volt block batteries. The voltage should be at least 550 mAh. Optimal is an even higher voltage, these offer eg the batteries of Energy Paintball, whose 9 Volt blocks offer a voltage of 1100 mAh. This guarantees sufficient performance for the marker and ensures that it can work without disruption.

Paintball Hopper, depending on the model, either with one to two 9 volt blocks, or operated with three to six AA batteries. Again, you should pay attention to a sufficient voltage. Many of the modern Hoppersysteme, such as the Dye Rotor Hopper, or even the Virtue Spire , have only 3 AA batteries. This is done primarily to save weight, but again requires reasonable batteries. If you have only 3 batteries in the loader available, and then resort to cheap batteries, it is foreseeable that the hopper can not work properly due to the low voltage.

How do I know that the battery in my marker is empty?

If the marker has too little tension, it will primarily affect the function of the solenoid . It can then work due to the low voltage is no longer as intended and directs only insufficient air in the marker in the right channels.
As a player, you will notice quite quickly whether the batteries or the battery of the marker is empty. The first signs are usually that the marker no longer triggers reasonable or no longer comes to the usual standard. Inserting a new, fresh battery fixes the problem in most cases immediately.

If you have questions about the right battery for your marker or hopper, please call us at + 49 [0] 511 459 599 9 or just ask us by e-mail .

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