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Valken Identity Paintball Thermal Mask (Navy Blue)

Art.Nr.: PSH-7330 99,95 EUR 69,95 EUR Inkl. 19% USt. plus shipping and handling
The delivery time is at least 10-14 days, if the article is available from the supplier.
Product description

The new Valken Identity Paintball Thermal Mask is the successor to the popular Sly Profit. After Valken took over the brand Sly a few years ago, the new models are now produced under the brand name Valken.

The Valken Infinity comes as standard with a flexible frame, a thermal glass and a very comfortable fit. It is also compatible with all Sly Profit mask glasses. So if you want to switch from his old Sly Profit to the new Valken Identity model, you do not need to buy new glasses. A huge price advantage.

Features of the Valken Identity Mask:

- standard with thermal glass

- Compatible with all Sly Profit glasses

- Quick change system for mask glasses

- flexible mask frame

- improved ventilation

- 3-layer mask foam as standard

- improved acoustics

- 5 colors to choose from

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