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TLSFx Paintball / Airsoft powder grenade with tear-off fuse

Not enabled for people younger than 18 years according to deutsch. WaffG.
Art.Nr.: 2473
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Product description

Fragmented grenade for use in paintball and airsoft sports, but also for security services and military training.

The ignition takes place by means of tear-off detonator, that is to say one has a ring with cord attached to the grenade. Just pull it short and strong and ignite the grenade. Due to the ignition mechanism, this model can also be worn ideally on the equipment (vest) and simply pulled off and thrown if necessary (see video)

This article is optimally suited for use in small rooms, buildings and ditches.

The fragmentation grenades are visually modeled on the well-known egg hand grenades as they are used by numerous military worldwide. The jacket is made of a biodegradable polymer that is very stable at the same time.

Properties when triggered:

The fragmentation grenade is filled with peas or airsoft balls (depending on the model and batch), these are distributed in a 5-8 meter radius around the explosion hearth.

Detonator delay approx. 7 seconds (longer ignition time than real grenades, since this is training equipment)

Terms of use:

1. Turn off the cap

2. Pick up and pull the detonator (ring) in your hand

3. Throw away the grenade as far as possible

Guaranteed tested and safe with German BAM approval and CE approval.


Product video for TLSFx Paintball / Airsoft powder grenade with tear-off fuse

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