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Proto MaXXed Rize Dye Power Package Savings Package (GREEN)

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Art.Nr.: PBS-B-0002
499,95 EUR Inkl. 19% USt. zzgl. Versandkosten
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So niedrig wie: 499,95 EUR

499,95 EUR Inkl. 19% USt. zzgl. Versandkosten
Product description

This package is crammed with the best that the brands Proto and Dye can offer you.

The Proto Maxxed Rize is currently the best entry-level marker from Proto and is unrivaled in terms of quality and performance. In addition you will receive the already legendary Dye Rotor Hopper. With its 200-ball capacity, 30+ BPS feed rate and virtually unbreakable housing, the rotor has been the world leader in the paintball industry for years. Matching the Dye Rotor, you get a color-coordinated Quick Feed, also from Dye. The I4 mask included in the set is also from Dye and belongs to the currently best and lightest masks on the market. 4 top products in one package for the hammer price! Thus, every beginner on the field is well equipped.


1x Proto Maxxed Rize Paintball Marker (E-Pneumatic)

1x Dye Rotor Paintball Hopper

1x Dye I4 Paintball Thermal Mask

1x Dye Rotor Quick Feed

Rotor, mask and Quick Feed can be exchanged on request in color. Depending on the stock and only while stocks last!


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