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Paintball Marker Sets
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Paintball austerity packages the Inexpensive option for home improvement and newcomers in paintball sports

If you start playing paintball again, you usually need complete equipment at the beginning. These can be either individually put together, or buy cheap as a complete set in a so-called paintball economy package .

As one of the paintball shops with the largest product selection in Germany, we offer you a lot of different paintball beginner packages and will be happy to advise you about your start in the paintball scene. As with all sports, there are small, but subtle differences in the quality and price-performance ratio of the individual products. We'll tell you what to look out for, what might be superfluous bells and whistles for a newcomer, and which product you might prefer to spend a few extra bucks to not end up experiencing disappointment on the field.

What should be included in a good paintball package?

In order to start as a newcomer in paintball sports you usually do not need much. We tell you which are the most important prerequisites and what you should buy.

1. The paintball marker

The heart of your paintball saving package is the paintball marker. First and foremost, choose a marker of your choice. Once you're committed, there are more accessories, but the marker is definitely the most important item in your paintball equipment.

2. The paintball mask

Protection should be paramount when playing paintball. Not only does the mask make you look cool on the field, it also protects your face and your eyes from the paintballs that the other players are firing at. Paintball masks come in many different designs and quality levels. We recommend not to save on the purchase of the mask, but rather spend a few euros more. The mask is basically like a pair of shoes, the first thing you put on when you want to play paintball, and the last thing you should do after the game. Say the mask should sit comfortably, so you feel comfortable during your paintball adventure.

3. The HP system / air system

The HP system provides your paintball marker with the necessary power to shoot the paintball balls up to 50m on your opponent. In our equipment packages are generally always HP system included, no Co2 bottles, and there is a reason. Many other providers are supposedly cheaper because they still offer their paintball austerity packages with the old, cheap Co2 bottles. However, these are very cumbersome and expensive to fill, and only a few markers can use Co2 trouble-free. Therefore, a well-intentioned tip from the expert, let the fingers of Co2 and take a paintball complete set in which a compressed air cylinder (HP) is included.

4. The Hopper / The Magazine

The last piece of equipment that should not be missing in any paintball package is the so-called Hopper . An ammo box for up to 200 paintballs placed on top of the marker. Here you fill the paint balls . These then roll down through the Hopper creations into the marker and can be fired there. For most entry-level markers, a normal shaker is enough. This is low maintenance, simple and very inexpensive. If you like something better, you can opt for and order a high-quality e-loader of all Dye rotors as an option in our savings packages.

5. Interesting accessories

In itself it was already, these 4 products form the basis for any sensible paintball equipment . Everything else is now accessories and can, but not necessarily. The following accessories make depending on the used marker model but sense, for example, and should, if the necessary small change is present, quite the same order to increase the fun or enhance the marker.


Without your marker does not shoot, so grab a crate at the preferential price in the package offer and off you go.

Remote system

A compressed air hose with which you can carry the heavy air system on the back. Especially recommended for all markers with shoulder rest.

A battlepack

This will transport your ammunition. More ammo = more fun, so reload and there you go!


Recommended for Woodland & Scenario Markers, so you can aim better

Paintball does not always have to be expensive! - Here you get a complete equipment from about 150, - Euro

Whoever thought that paintball is so damn expensive, will be surprised. For newcomers, and those who just want to try the adventure paintball cheap, we have several very cheap starter packages in the range of 50 bios 150 euros put together with which you can already have fun and first impressions in paintball sports can collect.

Which paintball equipment is right for me as a beginner?

To answer this question flat-rate is almost impossible, in addition there is far too much choice of different products. In addition, each player is different, and has special wishes and preferences.
Generally, as a beginner in paintball sports, you should first ask the question - what do I want? Would you like to enter the tournament area, or does your path take you into the forest as a scenario paintballer on the tactical playing fields. This question then usually already determines the choice of the appropriate marker.
Next up is the question of how professional you want to do your hobby. - Do you regularly play paintball 1 to 2 times a month or is it enough for you to play paintball with your friends only a few times a year? The more often you go to play paintball, the sooner the investment pays off in a bit more expensive equipment, because with better equipment you automatically have more fun in the game.

Our employees have years of experience and equip hundreds of newcomers with their first paintball equipment year after year. So if you are not sure what equipment suits you best, just give us a call, we'll discuss your needs with you and we're sure we'll find the right paintball equipment for you .

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