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Slide shorts

Paintball Protective Gear - The Slide Short Pants

Slide shorts are mainly worn in paintball tournament sports. The tight-fitting, well-padded pants should protect the player when sliding into the cover, the so-called slide, from injury. For this purpose, the slide shorts are provided with thick padding on the thigh outsides that absorb shocks and knocks. At the same time, the soft material brings me an increased bounce factor, which ensures that impacting paintballs do not burst immediately. A legal competitive advantage for tournament athletes.

Paintball Slide Shorts are more important than ever today - we'll tell you why ...

In the past, paintball players wore a slide short under their paintball pants . This had several reasons. For one thing, slide shorts were not that popular at the time, and few brands offered them. Another reason was the then usual, heavy and thick padded pants. They were already well padded and offered sufficient protection on the soft lawn covering the playing fields.

With the change from soft turf to artificial grass, so-called Turf, the demands on protective equipment, however, became higher. As a result, more and more manufacturers came onto the market and the models of the different suppliers of paintball slide shorts improved very fast. Year after year, new models with ever more features and a better protection factor were created.

The most important change in sports and one of the most important reasons for slide shorts are the ever-thinning pants. If the introduction of the ultralite standard for tournament clothing, in which all padding is deliberately omitted, protective clothing has become more important than ever before. The new pants often have no more upholstery, but consist only of the abrasion-resistant base material. This makes the new tournament clothing much lighter and more flexible, but also more susceptible to injuries. The use of protective clothing such as slide shorts, breastplates and knee and elbow pads create the necessary balance here.


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